Who Is Momo and How He Victimized Innocent Kids?

By Joel Escol
March 25, 2019



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First of a series

(Editor's note: We will run a series of articles about the 'horrors' of Momo Challenge to inform and educate our parents how important it is to shield our children from the dangers of playing these suicidal games online, as well as to monitor what our kids are doing in internet cafes and on their own mobile phones and tablets.)

The controversial Momo Challenge app has allegedly resulted to the deaths of a minor kid in the Philippines and other countries of the world. The very reason that we find it very important to help our parents with minor children to regularly check the activities of their kids in schools and on internet cafes.

Watch this video below of Erwin Tulfo's coverage of the recent death of an 11-year school kid who allegedly committed suicide to follow his master's order.

Video credit to Erwin Tulfo

We feel that it is also our parental obligation, being members of the Fourth State, to also become watchdogs against the proliferation of these online games that threaten the lives of innocent children. I am especially referring to suicidal games such as "Momo Challenge" and "Blue Whale Challenge," as these games already and reportedly  took some lives, not only in the Philippines but in some countries of the world. Although there was no enough evidence yet that points out to these suicidal games as the culprit of this horrible suicides made by minor children in Mexico, Argentina, Philippines and other countries.

Why did Momo love to victimize minor kids?

1. Kids, whose age range from 8 years old to 15 years old, are easy prey because they are still innocent children. They can be easily brainwashed in whatever an adult person instills into their innocent minds. 
2. They cannot weigh things accurately whether they are wrong or right.
3. Kids would easily believe whatever information feed to them because they are very innocent on almost all information. In short, they are inexperienced individuals and they cannot depend themselves in terms of brainwashing strategies of bad elements.

Who is Momo on Momo Challenge app?

Momo was actually a creepy doll with bulging eyes created by a Japanese artist named Keusuke Aiso a few year's ago. It was displayed at a gallery in Tokyo, Japan. Aiso named his creation Mother Bird. This creation, according to the artist was inspired from a ghost called "Obume," a Japanese woman who died during childbirth.

An unscrupulous psychopath created a gamer's app reportedly on WhatsApp platform and stole this image online, and then used it as an icon for his new app. He named his new creation "Momo Challenge." The challenge includes 50 tasks, in which some of those tasks ordered the kids to self harm, kill their pets and eventually commit suicide. 

The local and international organizations are now tracking down the identity of the Momo Challenge creator to stop him from spreading his dangerous suicidal game , as well as the creator of Blue Whale Challenge.   

How Momo Challenge can trigger suicide?

Participants of Momo Challenge are given 50 tasks to accomplish within 50 days. And these include tasks that kids are ordered to harm themselves. If they don't do the very difficualt tasks like inflicting harm into the kid's own body, or killing their own pets, Momo will threaten the kids that he would kill their parents. The reason that innocent kids could really harm themselves in the process, so that they can advance to the next challenge.

Below is an actual video on YouTube. This is very important for the parents to watch so that they will be informed and properly educated how their siblings are lured into doing the tasks, or else members of the family will be harmed by Momo.

Video credit to Vlogger Si Ugok



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