PiskayJamo 3: Boholano Visual Artists Art Exhibit 2019

March 25, 2019

A month long exhibition by Boholano artists is now ongoing at the Art Gallery of the Capitol University Museum of Three Cultures, Cagayan de Oro City. Dubbed PiskayJamo 3, the visual art exhibit showcases Bohol’s rich and colorful history, cultural and natural heritage. It highlights the finest Boholano master pieces, depicting retrospective pre-Hispanic and other eras.          “PiskayJamo is a highly superlative expression for Boholanos,” explained Glenn Lumantao, President of the Bohol Artists Inc. (BAI), who founded PiskayJamo in 2009. “We portray our natural and cultural heritage in PisakyJamo. We capture through our visual arts the beauty of Bohol, like the Chocolate Hills,” explained Glenn, who also has 26 years experience as a tour guide in Bohol.  “Piskay is a native Boholano- Visayan word which means nice. Jamo is a 100% Boholano word which means very much.  Thus, PiskayJamo simply means very nice.” PiskayJamo – Cagayan is the third of a series.  It was first staged in Cebu City at the Art Center of SM City Cebu in 2009, and again in Bohol in 2017.  “This is indeed a very good exhibit in that we take a closer look at the tarsiers and many other things that are uniquely Bol-anon,” said City Mayor Oscar Moreno. “Bohol has always been known for industry, dedication and commitment. This makes me very excited to view the exhibit because while Bol-anon art is not very different from our own, there are elements that are uniquely Bol-anon that we should take a look at and appreciate.” Besides the exhibit, Glenn shared another unique aspect of PiskayJamo is Panag-tabo with fellow artists from their exhibit venues. “We also like to meet up and get acquainted with our fellow artists from various places to share our artistic expressions through our Panag-tagbo. There are no other persons who can educate the people about art than the artists themselves. That’s why we need to make exhibits like this as often as we can.” Participating artists for PiskayJamo 3 include Joey Labrador, Rhanths Annunciado, Glenn Lumantao, Glemar Barte, Elvin Perocho Vitor, Gabriel Cafe, Junior Lagura, Paul Nino Inting, Mark Anthony Cartilla, Thon Septimo, Daisylou Manluza, Mai Ytem and Haskel Estillo, featuring their master works curated by Museum of Three Cultures Resident Artist and Curator Nic Aca. “The CU Museum of Three Cultures Art Gallery has always been here to support budding and professional artists who wish to avail themselves of the gallery space,” Nic said. For reservations and more details, interested parties may call Mr. Nic Aca, the gallery curator, at 09354334422.  The exhibit will run until April 12, 2019. Gallery hours are Mondays – Fridays 9:00AM – 12noon; 1:30-5:00PM; and Saturdays 9:00AM – 12noon. PiskayJamo 3 is sponsored by Cagayan de Oro Arts Guild, Capitol University Culture & Arts, Capitol University Museum of Three Cultures and Artsada Kagay-an, Inc.

How Did This Great Man Beat the Dragons in the Newspapering Industry?

March 20, 2019

FROM AN AGRICULTURE EXPERT TO A NEWSPAPERING GURU JOEL CALAMBA ESCOL, MDN online editor 4th of a series - Conclusion Beating The "Dragons" Beating the dragons in the newspapering industry was a hard thing to do. Many have tried but they failed. The dragons have already built their empire in Southern Philippines. But when this young and fresh graduate challenger back in the 90s joined the industry, everything was changed, as little by little he climbed the ladder of success, imprinted his footprints and after a few years he beat them all and build his own empire of publications. This man I've been telling you is no other than Mr. Dante Macasero Sudaria. He was just an agriculture graduate at MOSCAT in Claveria town, Misamis Oriental. All his life was focused in agriculture. No experience in newspapering. No. Nothing at all. But mind you guys. He graduated a cum laude - so that we can conclude that this great man from the province must be a wise man, a great thinker and an awesome planner. But how did he beat the dragons? 1. He created his influence in the media community and also in the private sector.  After his graduation in agriculture back in the 90s, Dante Sudaria transferred in Cagayan de Oro City to seek for greener pasture. He knew that despite graduating a cum laude, opportunities in his hometown in Claveria were very limited. And since being part of the media, he knew that he has influence to meet top politicians not only in the city but the Philipines in general. He also knew that he can easily get connected with business owners and other influencers in the city who could help him succeed in his future endeavors.   His plan was very successful as month after month he has seen great developments in his career in the media and of being a salesman. His earnings increased tremendously - to the point of earning P100 Thousand per month, and he became known in the mainstream media, professionals and the private sector. These great improvements gave him an idea that he was at the right track in his quest to achieve success in the newspapering industry.  To make his influence in the private sector more solid, Dante Sudaria joined Rotary Club and Eagle's Club, two of the country's prominent and prestigious organizations of professionals and business persons. His clout in the business sector grew even more. Rotary is an international organization saturated all over the globe. The Philippines is under District 3870 and composed of hundreds of different Rotary Clubs nationwide.  2. His plans and programs were very clear to him Although this great man has no experience when he joined newpaparing business, but his plans and programs were very clear to him. Sudaria could not have graduated a cum laude for nothing. He was destined to make things happen in his own favor. Having very clear plans and programs became his advantage than those other newspaper publishers who failed. While Sudaria was working very hard in his first and only job employment in his entire career, he studied closely how to run a newspaper business. He carefully learned the ins and outs of being a publisher and how to influence and manage his subordinates who would become his partners in running his own publications in the future. He also studied very carefully both the management side and of being a simple rank and file employee of a newspaper firm. 3. He makes sure he is surrounded with great people in the industry Although Sudaria was already the boss in his own newspaper business but he learns to handle different types of people in the industry. He welcomed old and new generations of reporters, veteran broadcasters, journalists and top salesmen, who could become his great "Think Tank" to plan and implement greater ideas for the company's new endeavors and maintain its good reputation as the leading newspaper in Southern Philippines, in terms of publication, circulation, readership and technology.     He accepted new and old colleagues to join the paper like former editor of GSD Cris Diaz, Bureau friends Like Pat Samonte in Butuan City, Chris Panganiban in Agusan Del Sur, Al Jacinto /Aj Coral  in Zamboanga, Tom Caballero and Sara Castor in Davao City, Rommy Sanchez of Digos City, and some other media friends all over Mindanao, making MDN widely destributed and circulated in Southern Philippines. Humble beginnings of Mindanao Daily   Mindanao Daily was founded on May 18, 2011, while its office was still at Lapasan Hihgway, now SOGO hotel building. It was conceptualized first for a Visayan newspaper purposely for street sales like Sunstar Super Balita. It looks like a traditonal tabloid newspaper. MDBs pioneering editors in the Visayan version also included Joe del Puerto Felicilda, Joe Pantoja and Sony David and regular editors Nelson Constantino and Ruel Pelone. Its was named "MINDANAO DAILY BALITA or MDB." The concept lasted for 6 months. Dante's management team conluded that MDB cannnot compete with existing street newspaper editions like BRIGADA, BIRADA, and SunStar SUPER Balita. Changing the tabloid MDB to simi broadsheet newspaper When Sudaria was in Manila in 2011, he met a media colleague from Gensan, Mr Mario Basillo, of PUNTO newspaper. They talked about newspapering business as they have the same line of business ventures. There goes the idea of changing MDB into a simi broadsheet paper, since it was only a tabloid like Brigada news back then. "As I came back home from Manila I immediately ordered Ruel Pelone, the Editor-in-chief, to change the paper size to a bigger one. We also change from Visayan version to English version to accomodate the growing demands of an English newspaper," Dante narrated. Then we moved from Lapasan office to the current location in Brgy Consolacion. Late in 2011, the building owner called up and told Dante that a Hotel will be renting the whole building in Lapasan. He was forced to look for another location until he found Tanleh Bldg in Consolacion. It was more spacious to run a newspaper publishing business and more spacious to house the printing machines. It was also in 2011 that Mr Allan Mediante the former editor-in-chief of GSD for 15 years came home to Philippines from USA. At that time, his wife died from cancer illness. Upon Dante's invitation, Mediante also joined Sudaria's fastest growing newspaper business. Business Week's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) With Sudaria's partnership with Allan Mediate, the first Mindanao Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Awards was conceptualized. As a corporate social responsibility of BusineassWeek Mindanao, it is aimed at honoring businesses that help propel the economic growth of Mindanao in terms of developments. The first business awards was held sometime in October 2012 at Pryce Plaza hotel, with the help and support of the hotel's former manager Ped Quiamjot. Then it was also followed with another flagship awards for journalism writers. It was dubbed as "The Mindanao Journalism Execellence Awards." The purpose is to recognize elementary, high school and college students active and excellent activities in journalism. This also included LGUs and  National agency information officers and corporate writers. Aside from that, BusinessWeek is also regularly initiating trainings and seminars for journalism and broadcasting at its Media Center. The project is under the able leadership of veteran broadcaster, Mr Joe del Puerto Felicilda as the Training Director. Business Week Mindanao under the editorial management of veteran editor Nelson Constantino aldo garnered journalistic awards from PPI or Philippine Press Instutute as the best weekly newspaper in the country in Business and Economic reporting.  Dante Sudaria's favorite motto that give him a colorful life and business Despite his tremendous successes in the newpapering industry, Sudaria remains to be humble and live a simple life. His day to day life was only focused with his family and business. In a span of almost 2 decades, Dante has lived a life of abundance and happy family. He has also established his own multi-million house in the city, with solid mediterranean concept and style, a Toyota Pick Up and the famous Montero vehicle. When asked about his guiding motto that propels him to fly high and just enjoy what life brings, he simply answers "GOD WILL PROVIDE, DISKARTE LANG." ### READ ON 1st Part  2nd Part 3rd Part  

Get into Rugby

March 19, 2019

Lou Jen Saldo, former member of the Lady Volcanoes Philippine Rugby Team, recently visited CDO Rugby Football Club Rafters, Cagayan de Oro City’s premiere Rugby Team.       The speedy winger who represented the Philippines in international rugby games has now turned to body building and has taken the body building world by storm, winning numerous titles including the highly coveted IFBB Pro Title which she won last December 2018.      She was invited as a guest speaker at the recent Athletics event in Lanao del Norte and before she left Mindanao, she took time to train with the Rafters and shared some tips to CDO RFC Lady Rafters Kaye Ann Orbeta, Rhenzel Amora and Rhea.      Lou Jen started training for rugby with the University of Makati Lady Herons during her student days. I was lucky enough to coach her with her fellow batch mates in preparation for the 1st National Rugby 7’s held in Laguna in 2012 where my previous team also competed in a separate division. Lou Jen’s team, Team Xena, won Gold while my team, the Bisons, won Silver.      Lou Jen was one of the few that helped women’s rugby’s popularity soar at the University of Makati. The naturally talented athlete, who also excelled in multi sports such as Kickboxing/Muay Thai, Chess, Arnis, and Track & Field, is looking forward to coming back to Cagayan de Oro City and train with the girls this summer.      CDO RFC Rugby Summer Camp will run again this year. It is worthy to note that our Summer Camp was the blueprint for indoor get into rugby programs in the Philippines having been facilitated first by the Club in 2015.      This summer, the kids will not only learn the modified non-tackle version of Rugby but will also get the chance to try out for the CDO RFC Junior Rafters Team that will represent Cagayan de Oro City in this year’s Batang Pinoy Touch Rugby Tournament.      For more information on CDO RFC Rugby Summer Camp, please check our Facebook page:

CDO Atos Team wins big in BJJ Taiwan Championship

March 19, 2019

Cagayan de Oro City’s Brazilian Jiujitsu Team - Atos Cagayan de Oro led by Head Coach and founding member “Popo” Juarez took his team to Taipei to compete in the Taiwan Gi and No Gi Championship last March 16, 2019.      The Championship which was held at Xinyo Sports Center was sanctioned by Asian Sport Jiujitsu Federation and registration for the said tournament was at full capacity.       “5 of my guys are competing (4 males 1 female), I’m officiating only. First time for me to ref internationally and first time for my students to compete outside the country.” said Coach Popo during an interview prior to the tournament proper. Aside from teaching the sport of Jiujitsu, Coach Popo is also the Head of Capitol University’s Human Resource Department and Acting Principal of the Basic Education Department.      The local athletes who are all members of the Ali Sulit Jiujitsu Team - Atos in CDO were as follows:      1. Gino Presillas - middleweight, blue belt.       2. Constantine Tan - middle heavyweight and open class blue belt      3. Mariel Jugador - light featherweight and open weight in both Gi and Nogi, blue belt      4. Solomon Tan - light featherweight, blue belt gi and nogi      5. Jeffrey Limbonhai- featherweight and open weight, purple belt       The Taiwan tournament was the team’s first ever competition outside the country and they all performed strong, placing a podium finish and bringing home medals.      Jeffrey Limbonhai got a Gold Medal, Solomon Tan got Silver Gi and Silver No Gi, Gino Presillas finishes with a Silver Gi, and Constantine Tan took home a Bronze Medal while the only female athlete of the team, Mariel Jugador, stood out claiming 2 Gold medals in Nogi weight class and Open Weight.       It was indeed a very successful tour and a great overall team performance.       Interested in learning about Brazilian Jiujitsu? Get in touch with Atos - Cagayan de Oro through their Facebook Page or visit them at Axis Gym on Monday-Friday from 7-9PM and on Saturday 5-7PM.

5th Northern Mindanao Big Bite Food Festival

March 15, 2019

Ayala Centrio Mall marks the 5th edition of the Big Bite Food Festival with the trademark Mega size Food Concepts that has become its calling card. This time, it was Big Food: Serving the Largest Boodle of Street Food, or “the biggest boodle fight” as Ms. Cagayan de Oro 2012 Grey Mendoza put it in between spiels as she emceed the opening launch of the four day food fest. Past editions of the festival have featured the giant halo-halo, the region’s largest maja blanca, humungous ham sliders, a titanic pineapple crumble, and a gigantic bowl of salad, among a host of other local favorites served in epic proportions. Started in Mindanao by Centrio Mall in 2014, Big Bite has become one of the main pillars of Ayala Malls institutionalized support for local food business and concepts.    “Today we celebrate a milestone in the 5th edition of Big Bite Food Festival which is not just about Centrio Mall but which has enabled us to reach out beyond the four corners of the mall,” said Centrio Mall Manager Hammer Bagani  Roa in his welcome remarks. “We give them that platform to reach their potential by finding their maximum reach, and Big Bite has become that platform.” This year’s festival will feature national personalities such as Chef Boy Logro, the Philippine’s Idol sa Kusina, and TV host and former VJ Joyce Pring as they host the many culinary events and competitions, Celebrity Chef JP Anglo, host of CNN Philippines’ Hungry with Chef PJ, as well as some The grand launch was also graced by local luminaries including Ms. Eileen San Juan, representing City Mayor Oscar S. Morenowho was attending an RPOC meeting in Davao City in her capacity as the Local Economic and Investment Promotion Officer; City Tourism Council Chair Dorothy Jean Pabayo, and Ms. Carol Valdez, COHARA director representing COHARA PresidentBong Pelaez. “This event is very timely as Cagayan de Oro is getting noted for its food scene, just as it is expected to become the country’s next metropolitan center after Manila, Cebu and Davao by 2025,” San Juan, a past president of the Cagayan de Oro Hotels and Restaurants Association (COHARA) noted. ‘As Metro Cagayan de Oro, it would encompass not only the city but also neighboring municipalities from Misamis Oriental and Bukidnon.”     She also noted that for the next edition of KUMBIRA, COHARA’s signature food show, is eyeing the participation of the Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines (BIMP) East Asean Growth Area (BIMP-Eaga).   And not the least, Big Bite Northern Mindanao Food Festival makes its bid to enter the international food scene through Lifestyle Network's FoodPrints, a food and travel show hosted by Filipino Chef and food personality Sandy Daza that’s aired to Filipino communities all over the globe through The Filipino Channel (TFC). TFC is a global subscription television network based in the US owned and operated by ABS-CBN. As of 2014, The Filipino Channel has over three million subscribers worldwide, most of whom are in the United States, Middle East, Europe, Australia, Canada, and Japan The son of well-loved chef Nora Daza, Chef Sandy is not only a renowned chef but also author of the best-selling cookbook“Cooking with Sandy Daza”, a columnist, food critic, and has a new restaurant, Wooden Spoon. Chef Sandy hosts FOOD PRINTS, a food travelogue show on Lifestyle Network that puts a whole new light to Filipino cuisines by rediscovering its roots through the locals. Chef Sandy learns from them on how to cook their own special blends and uncovers the unique Filipino food culture in the process. Among the salient events for the four day food fests are CDO Humba Challenge with Cagayan de Oro’s culinary schools andGrill & Chat at Centrio Garden with DJ Kyle (March 14); Krispy Kreme Challenge to create a signature ‘Northern Mindanao” donut (using the original glazed donut); Longest Line of Maruya, both with culinary schools; Event with Host Joyce Pring and Chef Boy Logro; Grill & Chill at the Garden with Aira & DJ Red; and Media & Bloggers Food Sampling (March 15); Beach Eats Competition to create a Cocktail using local fruits in season; Gourmet Street Food Challenge  to  turn street food into gourmet creations (with culinary schools); Demo with CNN Phils. Celebrity Chef  JP Anglo; Grill & Chill at Centrio Garden withKrna & DJ Ms DJ (March 160. March 17 is awarding day with the Culinary Challenge winners and Grill & Chill at Centrio Garden with the Vamenta Brothersfeaturing Shekaina DJ Mark D. As Centrio Mall Manager Hammer Roa puts it in his open invitation to everyone: “Take part, enjoy, this is our very own, and we encourage you to awaken that amazing love for food, rediscover your cravings, and take that one big bite!”  

Echoing Women Empowerment by improving their health

March 13, 2019

In celebration of Women’s month this March, we hear a lot of emphasis towards empowering the female population and urge for gender equality. The Philippine Commission for Women (PCW) adopts the theme “Making Change Work for Women” which aims to implement programs and services that address strategic gender needs of women. In our society nowadays, more and more women are engaging in what used to be jobs only meant for men. In some cases, we witness women excelling in the corporate industry more than male. This development brings a positive outlook towards the goal of gender equality.      Aside from these developments, women still hold certain roles in the family, being a mother and a wife has its own necessities and striking a balance between these personas can be very challenging.  In order to do this, Women need additional supplements to stay healthy and be able to prolong their roles that they have to accomplish. It is noted that women needs more calcium intake than men. This is due to the fact that women go through several life stages that increases their calcium needs.      1. Puberty During this stage, women are at the prime of their being active physically. This is also the stage when they start menstruating. It is important to consume the right levels of calcium everyday to prevent the risk of different bone conditions, and try to build up your calcium levels from your younger days.       2. Aldulting In starting an adult life and having a family, Women needs a certain level of estrogen. Estrogen is essential for woman sex hormone. Estrogen also maintains the bone health. Calcium is crucial in maintaining estrogen intact in a woman’s body.      3. Pregnancy During this stage, woman is required to double their calcium intake regularly. This is to supply the calcium needs of the fetus as much as her own. The fetus needs normal levels of calcium to ensure proper heart function and rate as well as proper function of nervous system and muscles. Neglecting the additional calcium intake during your pregnancy will result in utilization of your stored calcium which will be harmful for you in the long term.      4. Menopause Study shows that the bone density declines by 20% after menopause when estrogen level starts to deplete, hence, it is recommended to take sufficient levels of calcium to prevent the problem of bones osteoporosis.      Osteoporosis, is a condition where bones become too porous and loose its density. As bones become more porous and fragile, the risk of fracture is greatly increased. The loss of bone occurs silently and progressively. Often there are no symptoms until the first fracture occurs.      Having stated the importance of calcium in your body, it is important to take calcium supplements to assure you are getting your daily requirement of calcium and as well as other immune boosting supplements. Bewell-C plus Calcium combines the next generation organic calcium with the non-acidic form of vitamin-C and vitamin D3 in order to form a 3 in 1 vitamin supplement that strengthens both the immune system and the bone health of the patient. The patented Bewell-C plus Calcium formula takes advantage of the synergy of these vitamins to make an effective but affordable way to stay strong and healthy.      To know more about the product as well as healthy tips, visit their Facebook page @Bewellcpluscalcium. Bewell-C plus Calcium is available in all Mercury Drug nationwide.


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